Aaram Group

Software Solutions and Business Automation Services

Aaram Group Hakkında

Aaram Group was founded in 2015 in Istanbul Turkey. a member of Istanbul Commerce Chamber ITO. Aaram Group provide its services in two major sectors;

Aaram Invest

We provide management and financial consultancy, especially for startups and tech companies, applying both agile and classical management methodologies,

Aaram Tech

We provide our services in B2B and business automation software solutions. We have two CRM products, and we have achieved many of automation projects for our clients in Tourism and Real estate among other sectors.

Kullanım Alanları

We have developmed two SaaS CRM products :

  • Aaram CRM for real-estate sector

  • Link CRM for other sectors

  • Usage Areas :

  • Call customers from within the CRM

  • Notify CRM users about new calls

  • List the call as activities with it's information (including the recording link)

Ayrıntılı Bilgi İçin

Telefon 0 (541) 862 1688
E-Mail info@aaramgroup.com
Web Sitesi www.aaramgroup.com

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